Conductor material: 27 % nickel-plated copper

Of significant importance, and a speciality product of our location Temco Wire Products Ltd. in Cinderford, UK, is 27 % nickel-plated copper (NPC) – which provides unsurpassed levels of performance. The plating thickness of 27 % (by product weight) gives temperature protection of up to 750 °C, as well as providing superb corrosion resistance at negative temperatures such as those prevailing in the Stratosphere which can be as low as –60 °C. 

Nickel plating is applied to wire products due to its excellent corrosion resistance properties and in particular, its durability and stability at extremes of temperatures. 27 % NPC is increasingly used in a wide range of applications and is included in aerospace, military and industrial/heating products.

Basic properties of nickel

Material Nickel
Symbol Ni
Material number
Standard ASTM B355
Composition (%-by-weight) Nickel 99.90
Density (g/cm³ at 20°C) 8.9
Melting point (°C) 1453
% IACS min.* 21
Electrical conductivity (m/Ωmm² at 20°C) 13.9
Notes on properties and use
  • chemical element (transition metal)
  • corrosion protection due to high resistance to environmental influences from alkalis, salt spray and reducing chemicals
  • high temperature resistance
  • low hardness and good ductility in annealed condition
  • at room temperature ferromagnetic
  • high fatigue strength

* International Annealed Copper Standard = IACS
The relative electrical conductivity of copper has been set as being 100% IACS, with the following values derived from this for other metals:
silver = 106%, gold = 72%, iron = 17%

Standard range

27 % nickel-plated copper
Wire diameter Ø 0.05 mm – Ø 1.65 mm
Wires for braiding 2 to 12 wires
Stranded conductor 0.05 mm² – 2.6 mm²
7, 19, 37 ends
unilay or true concentric
Flexible bunch 0.20 mm² – 2.5 mm²
Rope strands up to 25 mm²


  • Aerospace industry
  • Traditional screening
  • Weight-reducing technologies
  • Aircraft
  • Power-plants