The world’s leading wire manufacturer

Aerumtec has many years of experience with wire products, the origins of which can be traced back to 1570 with the so-called Lyonese Wares (fine wire products made of copper and copper alloys). With the production of shiny gold and silver wire and the finest metal mesh, the company laid the foundations for a successful history.

In the 1920s, the first wires and round strands were produced for the rapidly growing electrical industry. Since 2023 – after the spin-off from LEONI AG – Aerumtec has been an independent company and one of the market leaders for high-quality copper wire and technically sophisticated copper applications.

Our product range includes wires, strands, braids and ropes made of copper, electroplated copper, Histral® alloys and special materials that are both robust and flexible, as well as prefabricated wire solutions. We also offer engineering services and develop innovative products for customer-specific applications.

Thanks to our extensive know-how and many years of experience, we are able to meet the diverse requirements of various industries. Aerumtec’s main customers can be found in attractive and dynamic sectors such as the automotive industry, industrial applications, e-mobility and renewable energies. We see a significant increase in demand in these key markets in Europe and Asia, both now and in the future.

Our management

Dr. Harald A. Wieland, CEO

  • over 35 years of experience in automotive, energy, mechanical and engineering industries
  • has worked as CEO/COO for more than 10 years, primarily for medium-sized companies
  • broad expertise in the transformation and development of companies
  • education: Degree in mechanical engineering and economics, doctorate in mechanical engineering/energy technology

Günther Buchner, CFO

  • over 25 years of experience in the cable and wire industry
  • since 2009 Managing Director of LEONI Business Group Wire Products & Solutions
  • since 2003 Head of Controlling of the LEONI Business Group Wire Products & Solutions
  • since 1995 at LEONI Controlling
  • education: Diploma in Business Administration

Locations worldwide of Aerumtec

With the headquarters in Weissenburg (Germany) and production facilities in Bad Kötzting (Germany), Roth (Germany), Cinderford (England) and Changzhou (China), around 500 employees produce copper products and industrial solutions with demanding technical specifications for customers all over the world on a total production area of 50,000 square meters.

Aerumtec GmbH


In addition to the Group functions, Aerumtec GmbH at its headquarters in Weißenburg primarily covers the entire value chain from wire rod cutting, electroplating and fine wire drawing to bundling, stranding, braiding and welding.

Bad Kötzing

Our location in Bad Kötzting is a modern production facility for high-quality copper wires and strands, focusing on high-precision strands and ropes for automotive and data transmission applications as well as coils for shielding applications.

Haarländer GmbH

Due to its excellent assembly capabilities, the Haarländer GmbH factory in Roth is a customer-oriented manufacturing facility that meets the demanding specifications of products in small batch sizes. Haarländer GmbH has been part of the Aerumtec group of companies (formerly LEONI) since 1999.

More about Haarländer GmbH, its products and competences.

Temco Wire Products Ltd.

Temco Wire Products Ltd. in Cinderford, England, is one of the few global suppliers and an outstanding specialist in 27% nickel-plated copper wire, which offers an unsurpassed level of performance for industrial applications, particularly in the aerospace industry.

More about Temco Wire Products Ltd. 

Aerumtec Wire (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.

Our location in Changzhou, China, was established and expanded in 1995 and is now an established player in China. We offer our global customers direct access to the Chinese market via Aerumtec Wire Changzhou Co. Ltd. we offer our global customers direct access to the Chinese market with a product portfolio comparable to that of Europe.

History of Aerumtec

Since 1569, Aerumtec, formerly LEONI Draht, has stood for outstanding quality and expertise in wire manufacturing. Our long tradition goes back to the beginnings of metal thread and wire production in Nuremberg. Originally specialising in gold and silver wire, we have evolved over the centuries and are now a leading global supplier of copper and copper-based wire solutions.

At Aerumtec, we are proud to build a bridge between tradition and innovation. Our roots are firmly anchored in the past, but our eyes are fixed on the future. Our products are the result of precise craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology and a deep passion for quality.

From metal threads to global excellence


Aerumtec Copper Products and Solutions

Headquartered in Weißenburg in Bavaria, Germany, the group Aerumtec – Copper Products and Solutions employs over 500 people worldwide and is represented internationally with five production sites in Germany, the UK and China.



Deutsche Invest Mittelstand takes over LEONI Business Group Wire Products & Solutions with the companies LEONI Draht GmbH (now Aerumtec GmbH), Haarländer GmbH, LEONI Temco, Ltd. (now Temco Wire Products Ltd.) and LEONI Wire (Changzhou) Co. Ltd. (now Aerumtec Wire (Changhzhou) Co. Ltd.)


aurnhammer+benedict company‘s name was changed to LEONI Draht GmbH, Weißenburg, Germany.

Complete take-over of Haarländer GmbH, Roth, Germany (formerly part of aurnhammer+benedict)



Acquisition of Temco Ltd., in Cinderford, UK


Foundation of LEONI Wire (Changzhou) Co. Ltd., in Changzhou, China.


Acquisition of aurnhammer+benedict GmbH & Co. KG in Weißenburg, Germany


Aerumtec_Bad Kötzting

Plant Bad Kötzting, Germany, is built.


Started to manufacture cable assemblies.


Company name was changed to Leonische Drahtwerke AG, Nuremberg.

Starting production of rubber sheathed cables.


Merger of three succeeding companies into newly established (founded) Leonische Werke Roth-Nürnberg AG.


Anthouni Fournier from Lyon, France, founded the first workshop for the manufacture of Lyonese Wares in Nuremberg.