Copper solutions for future developments

It is our goal and our aspiration to provide our customers with the fastest and best services at all times. This is why we have five production facilities on two continents. Aerumtec’s production facilities are located in Weißenburg, Bad Kötzting, Roth (Germany), Cinderford (England) and Changzhou (China).

The production network allows us to supply the most important customer markets in Europe and China, with each production facility serving its customers individually with locally manufactured products.

In addition to our existing markets and customer relationships, we have identified future growth sectors in which we will expand our products and services.

We are aiming to establish ourselves as an specialist in applications with high-quality products in the following future markets.


Sales of electric vehicles have increased significantly over the last ten years. According to forecasts, sales of e-vehicles will rise from 250 million in 2021 to almost 1 billion units. With our new and innovative solutions for e-mobility, we are benefiting from this development in particular.

Data transfer and digitalisation

Due to the growth of IT services, big data and cloud-based services, a huge demand for data centres is expected. These data centres require a reliable IT infrastructure, which meets the demand for Aerumtec’s wire and conductor products.

Renewable energies

Due to the energy turnaround, massive growth is expected in the renewable energy sector over the next few years. The rise in oil and gas prices has further confirmed the global economy’s efforts to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and increase the production and utilisation of renewable energies.
In this context, round wires, for example, offer advantages over conventional solutions and are now being used in the new generation of photovoltaic modules. In comparison to conventional flat wire, fine round wire reduces shaded areas and contributes to a higher efficiency of photovoltaic modules.