Always the right wire for your application

Aerumtec’s customer commitment to offer our customers high-quality and innovative solutions based on copper and alloys has made us a widely known partner and specialist in the field of wire production and processing over the past decades. We provide a compelling full service in our markets and are highly customer-orientated. Globally, Aerumtec is recognised as a reliable partner for high-quality supplies and services and has long-standing relationships with its customers.

Our product range – from single wire to customized assembly


Flexible Busbars


  • Resistance welded strands
  • Flexible copper connectors
  • Resistance welded assemblies


  • Histral® H – high strength alloys
  • Histral® R – resistance alloys

Engineering services

Do you have special requirements for your application?
Together with you, we will develop the right solution!

Overview of our engineering services



  • Copper: Cu-ETP & Cu-OF
  • 27% nickel-plated copper
  • Pure nickel
  • Silver
  • Stainless steel
  • Tin
  • Aluminium