High performance materials for a wide range of applications

With our Histral® alloys, we meet the highest demands for mechanical load-bearing capacity, offer increased safety by minimising the risk of failure and contribute to greater space and weight savings in the end application thanks to the highly flexible, slim, lightweight design and composition.

Histral®H – high strength alloys

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Histral®H – high-strength alloys are characterised by their exceptional tensile strength.
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Histral®R – resistance alloys

Histral®R – resistance alloys are designed for precise resistance values.
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Alloy materials

Alloying metals such as silver, tin, nickel, magnesium or zinc, when added to copper, can significantly affect the electrical conductivity and mechanical strength of copper conductors, which is essential for the efficiency and longevity of electrical conductors.

How alloy materials impact on copper wires for electrical conductors

Even at room temperature, pure copper has a tendency of recrystallizing when hard. The effect: Transformation from hard back into soft condition and loss of mechanical strength. The addition of minor amounts of alloy components leads to hard-drawn materials recrystallizing at a much higher temperature than pure copper, preserving a better tensile strength even at higher ambient temperatures, but also to a change in the resistance and, consequentially, the conductivity of the material.

Histral® alloys – comparison of technical data

*Data depend on coating conditions, degree of cold working and thermal treatments during manufacturing process.