Smooth bunch

Our Aerumtec smooth bunches boast an exceptionally compact and precise round structure.

Aerumtec has had its manufacturing process specifically dedicated to this type of product patented. Our smooth bunches come as semi-concentric or concentric strands with very short lay lengths and an extraordinarily smooth surface.


  • Thin-gauge coating with high-grade isolation materials
  • Moving applications benefitting from a long flex life

Particular benefits for our customers

  • Weight efficiency
  • Space efficiency
  • Isolation material economies

Manufacturing range

  • Materials: Cu-ETP1 and Cu-OF1
  • Bare, tin-plated, nickel-plated, silver-plated
  • Left-hand lay or right-hand lay
  • Variation: soft annealed
  • Single-wire diameter: ranging from Ø 0.05 mm to Ø 0.51 mm
  • Cross-section: ranging from 0.02 mm2 to 16 mm2